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Super Quilted Farm Totes (4 bags bundle)

Double Duty Super Woven Polymethyl bags
$5.95 (25%)
Super Quilted Farm Totes
Four (4) totes (two goat totes are guaranteed). These super duty bags are not only beautifully crafted quilted totes but they are 2x thicker and stronger than normal feed bag totes! Durable, waterproof totes with double walls, high tensile tread and Brass studs all create these fabulous designer totes. It takes five feed bags to make one of these super duty totes. Featuring the main compartment and two roomy pleated pockets on the back of each tote. Use them for books, groceries, storage, shopping or sewing bags! Whatever you dream of using them for, you have the secure knowledge of caring and feeding the goats. You won’t find these unique Totes anywhere but through DZA Goats Boutique. These handcrafted farm totes may vary in color. Two types of goat totes.

Third bag is dealers’ choice it may be goats or companion animals such as horses, flocks, or dogs.

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