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MAXIMUM Output Milking Doe Biscuits

Increase Your Milking Output
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Maximum Output Milking Doe Biscuits (Documented Photo Results! Test subject Miniature Doe)
You often hear of people changing from Dairy milk to Goat milk products in cases where there appears to be an intolerance or allergy. Goats' milk is closest to human breast milk and buffalo these are all (naturally) A2 milks. A good goat milk taste the same as your ordinary cow milk but is better for you and your kids. No more upset stomach, no more inflammation cause by COW milk. Most people actually have an intolerance of cow milk, whether it is a slight intolerance which is usually itching or rashes or sever intolerance that effect breathing, swelling or possible death, it exist in 228,450,000 people!
These cookies are made to produce better and more milk while pampering your does with an all-natural handmade treats. Named for their effect on milking! These cookies are made to produce a higher volume of milk means more milk for everybody. More milk They are made with all food grade nutritional greens for your goats. These Biscuits are dehydrated, not baked to preserve all nutrients. Whether it is to build more milk to support the babies or for the family to share. These are what you need! Results are usually seen in 3-4 days. Your doe will think she is getting a special treat after eating or milking. But, beware of carrying them in your pockets, I’ve been goat mugged by 35-does for them! Once your does have tasted them, they love them, and you will love the extra milk production. Unfortunately, the biscuits won’t work on a dry doe, however she loves them all the same and they are good for her. Recommend feeding your doe 2-3 cookies a day, however if you want to increase milk to max, you may feed her 2 cookies after morning and evening milking. Cookies contains: Oats, alfalfa, nettles, apples, carrots, fenugreek, raspberry leaf, and mulberry leaf, chestnut leaves, marshmallow, molasses, ground corn, Linolic acid, milk thistle.

30-day cookies enough for 1 doe (60 cookies) $10.00

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