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DZA Milking Doe Biscuits

How to produce more milk

Today I'm going to show you a product that has caused my does to give more milk. I have used these for about 5 years now and decided to see how much of a difference they actually make. They are the DZA Milking Doe Biscuits. The attached photos are from a miniature La Mancha doe and show what difference the biscuits actually made in her milking graph. This was a 10 day test (morning milking at same time everyday) and when she maxed out that is where I stopped photographing the results. You can buy these biscuit/cookies at These cookies are made to produce better and more milk. They are all natural food grade nutritional greens for your goats. Once your does have tasted them, they love them, and you will love the extra milk production. Results are usually seen in 3-4 days. (Sorry for the blue jars, they don't look very good for the milk). ????

Follow up: After milking little Bonnie for two weeks I decided I would try and give her and extra biscuit mild way between milkings and check for results. She ended up giving me about 1/3 cup more milk over her capacity.

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April 10, 2022