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A) They are widely appreciated for fast growth and produce a large meat carcass. The KIKO Breed is growing popularity in the United States for its desirable meat goat characteristics and the does mothering instincts. KIKO does are polyestrous animals, so they bread year-round. Giving birth about 155 days later, usually to twins and sometimes triplets. First year does usually birth single kids. Their mother instinct is very strong and they bond deeply with their young. Making multigenerational family groups.
B) Bucks Weigh around 275 lbs. Does average 125 lbs. The KIKO Breed is one of the hardiest goat breeds; they are efficient foragers and can survive on browse and small amounts of supplements. They prefer brush over grass pasture. But can do well on varied grass land, supplements and hay, and copper bolus given every 6 months.
C) KIKO’s temperament are docile but not as a pet but livestock. This is good and intentional for natural livability. They are alert, calm active and easy-going. KIKO are friendly and trainable and very curious and eager to engage with their human companion.
D) Fencing needs to be 4-5 feet high with 4” squares are recommended if using square type wires. Electric fencing work well.
E) What to expect:
• Fast Growth
• Hardiness
• Low Maintenance
• Productive Sires & Does

March 18, 2022