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Kiko Goats breeding Stock


First Freshener (female)

Name Breed Gender Color Age Price
DZA ASIA (Registered) Kiko LaMancha First Freshener (female) Brown w/white marking Under 1 yr $325.00
DZA FRANCEE CALLIDORA(Registered) Kiko First Freshener (female) RED/WHITE Under 1 yr $350.00
DZA JOLENE ANYA (Registered) Kiko First Freshener (female) WHITE Under 1 yr $350.00
DZA JOY'S DESTINY (Registered) Kiko First Freshener (female) Brown and black Under 1 yr $350.00
DZA POPPY'S PIROUETTE (Registered) Kiko First Freshener (female) WHITE, with BROWN MARKINGS Under 1 yr $600.00