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Kiko Goats

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Doe (female)

Name Breed Gender Color Age Price
CAT PATCHES (Registered) Kiko Doe (female) White, tan markings 5 yrs $400.00
DZA CHARLOTTE'S LILY (Registered) Kiko Doe (female) White, light moon markings 2 yrs $350.00
DZA CHARLOTTE'S PAJAMA GIRL-PJ (Registered Doe) Kiko Doe (female) Other 2 yrs $400.00
DZA EVERLASTING JOY (Registered) Kiko Doe (female) TRI COLOR 1 yr $350.00
SEV TOASTED MACAROON (Registered) Kiko Doe (female) Tan 4 yrs $400.00

First Freshener (female)

Name Breed Gender Color Age Price
DZA ASIA (Registered) Kiko LaMancha First Freshener (female) Brown w/white marking Under 1 yr $325.00
DZA FRANCEE CALLIDORA(Registered) Kiko First Freshener (female) RED/WHITE Under 1 yr $350.00
DZA JOLENE ANYA (Registered) Kiko First Freshener (female) WHITE Under 1 yr $350.00
DZA JOY'S DESTINY (Registered) Kiko First Freshener (female) Brown and black Under 1 yr $350.00
DZA POPPY'S PIROUETTE (Registered) Kiko First Freshener (female) WHITE, with BROWN MARKINGS Under 1 yr $600.00

Kid (female)

Name Breed Gender Color Age Price
DZA AUTUMN MIST (Registered) Kiko Kid (female) Brown/w tan markings Under 1 yr $400.00
DZA CHOCOLATE CHIP PATTIE (Registered) Kiko Kid (female) Brown/white with black spots Under 1 yr $400.00
DZA MEGAN'S TREASURE (Registered) Kiko Kid (female) Brown w/white & black markings Under 1 yr $400.00

Buck (male)

Name Breed Gender Color Age Price
New Zealand Bloodline Buck - BEAU Kiko Buck (male) White Buck/ Under 1 yr $350.00
New Zealand Bloodline Buck - Flash Dance's Shadrach (Registered) Kiko Buck (male) Black and White 1 yr Not for Sale
New Zealand Bloodline Buck- Flash Dance's Meshach (Registered) Kiko Buck (male) Tricolored 1 yr $400.00